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This body an empty shell
Soul seemingly nonexistent
This chest heavier with every breath taken
And eyes seeing, nothing getting through
A face of statue, ever constant
What’s it worth to keep on living?
In my shell I hide, a coward
A misery I wish to end
Afraid of opening a door to something worse
Self destruction, an escape route
Greatest lie ever told
An excuse for self murder
A failing justification for a great sin
Thousand ton chain at my ankles
Crawling in pathetic agony
Struggling to live
An instinct for survival
Though the heart is breaking
It’s soul crying tears of blood
Not knowing why
These limbs seem to fall apart
Sitting in this crimson pool
Crying for an angel, saviour
Choking sobs force their way out
In strained breaths barely alive
Bitter cold seeping through dying limbs
I’m drowning
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Fitting in the Pieces :iconharlequinfool:harlequinfool 6 20
-My- Existence
My Existence.
I keep going forward,
Pushing the limits,
Never looking back.
I create a world where illusion is reality.
Because I can control what I want to happen,
I can control what I have,
I can control what I want.. to.. disappear.
Alone in shattering darkness.
Because I am afraid.
I do not deny that I fear.
Have you any idea what you have done to me?
You have never seen me cry.
You do not see my many scars.
You do not see the murder I have done.
To myself.
You think I'm rebellious.
That I never listen.
You think I don't know anything.
That I am clueless about the world.
You think everything I do is wrong.
That I don't know how to make decisions.
I shouldn't have existed.
My blood is sin in flesh.
A result of crime in action.
An excuse for day light robbery.
You had the decision to stop me coming.
A chance to stop a tragedy.
Yet I am here.
Now your responsibility.
That you have royally screwed.
So many things that I should know.
And I don't.
And you blame me.
Did you even bo
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Mew 000 :iconharlequinfool:harlequinfool 1 11 Dark Ryu 01 :iconharlequinfool:harlequinfool 0 22

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Disclaimer:D.Gray-Man belongs to Hoshino Katsura.
Delicate Bonds
“Aou-chan, wait for me!!!” A loud wail pierced the cold night air. The young boy turned around looking annoyed and bored. “What do you want, Vlod-chan?” The man grinned. “You’re on the way to meet up with your general, right? I’m going too!” “Who are you escorting this time?” Aouruu asked the older man. “General Lee. You’re escorting General Yeegar, right?” Vlodfield quipped. Aouruu turned to answer him when he caught sight of another person behind them. “Tou-sama!!” Kanda scowled. “I’m not your father!!”
“Tou-sama, are you going to meet up with General Tiedoll as well?” Aouruu ignored Kanda’s rant and asked. “Where else would I be going now?” Kanda huffed in a dignified manner. “Let’s go then, tou-sama,” The boy stated. “Don’t call me that!” The Immortal snapped. “To
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Unjust Justification
I can do nothing but sit passive,
I have no choice but to watch this go on as
the world rots away below my feet,
everything good or serene melting away.
All they care for is senseless violence.
All they care for is fakely justified conflict.
One must always best another,
none will be left in peace.
Not a sanctuary shall exist any longer,
no place will be left undefiled.
The price of saving a hundred
is another billion lives,
but it does not matter;
the hundred were of your kin
the billion merely an alien species.
How they can bear to continue
to sing their songs of righteousness
I do not know,
for their hymns of good-will read
"Hate, Kill, and Destroy."
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